StackOverflow exploiters considered harmful

by Rob Kitson

As a developer, I've come to expect a certain number of search results from per query. But recently I've noticed that the google juice, which rightfully belongs to StackOverflow, has been picked up by a few 'competitors' who have figured out how to monetize the Creative Commons Data Dump, that SO provides on a fairly regular basis. They've leveraged the dump to populate pages with relevant data without keeping it current, and sometimes not even providing a link back to the actual SO question (making it even more stale).

If I were Jeff and Joel, I'd be pissed. And though I understand that they want to be a community player; I think that taking a step back, they'd see that allowing these sites to use the data dump this way is clearly not in the best interest of the community.

That being said, recently Joel posted a link to a chrome extension which (upon loading a site which is shamelessly using the data dump) will redirect you to the appropriate StackOverflow page. Here's the link and it worked like a charm for me. Hopefully it continues to do so.