Logo orientation matters

by Rob Kitson

John Gruber (the Daring Fireball) recently had a post about the history of the Apple logo orientation on it's laptop covers in which he mentioned that all other manufacturers had fallen in line with Apple's practice of displaying it correctly to on-lookers (which he recently corrected, mentioning that Lenovo has NOT adopted this practice yet).

A couple months ago I was issued a Lenovo ThinkPad W520 at work and the first thing I noticed was that logos on the back of the display were oriented such that they would be correct when I looked at them but would be upside-down to anyone that happened to look at my machine while I was using it.  Also, I noticed that my work laptop was lacking the logo of the laptop that I'd much rather be working on (ANYTHING made by Apple). So, I took the liberty of placing one of the stickers that was shipped with my MacBook Air on the back of my ThinkPad (with the proper oriention, of course).


"What kind of Mac is that?" is the usual comment.  And there's typically a good laugh once I explain the sticker, and then show them that it's the only logo that's not upside-down once you open the lid of the laptop and start working.